A to Z of Social Networking for Libraries

Posted: February 13, 2011 in Libraries, Social Networking

Well… not quite A to Z… but a few things to think about…

Active – you need to use social networking on a regular basis

 As I work in a one person library, there are considerable time constraints in my daily work. I would endeavour to use this forum of media as often as possible, but it would be proportional to the interest shown and usage by my library clients (after some initial work and marketing duties).

Direction – what are you planning to accomplish for your library with social networking?

My manager and I are planning to develop and implement a social networking strategy for the entire organisation. This would include any social networking activities undertaken by the library staff (myself). We are not planning on using social networking until this strategy is in place, so that standard processes are followed.

Ebooks – these can be shared on social networking to increase their exposure.

At this stage, we do not have any ebooks available to library clients. One of our longer term strategies for the library, however, is to move our collection to a greater proportion of digital resources, as our staff spend a lot of their working hours off site with clients. Our plan is to evaluate a number of ebook readers before we start purchasing ebook collections.

Facebook – Having a presence on FB with a fan page is a must. It is expected due to Facebook’s popularity

We do not currently have a fanpage on Facebook. Our organisation is very particular about security of information, so if we were to develop a page, it would need to be in the form of a group that is only available to library clients. If we obtain approval to implement this, it would be very useful, as Facebook is currently the third highest site in usage statistics for our organisation.

Reference – can offer the answers to FAQs as a form of reference services on social networking sites

 I am very interested in using social media to share the answers to regularly asked questions. Our staff tend to work on very short timeframes, in isolation, and so I often get asked for the same information from different people. We do not have any knowledge sharing strategies in place and I am keen to implement any form of knowledge sharing that I can.

These are just a few issues that I will need to consider when implementing social networking.

(List taken from A to Z of Social Networking for Libraries. 30 November 2010. Retrieved from http://socialnetworkinglibrarian.com/2010/01/22/a-to-z-of-social-networking-for-libraries/ )


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