Librarian 2.0: Is it anything new?

Posted: February 20, 2011 in Librarian 2.0, Libraries, Library 2.0, Skills, Social Networking, Training, Web 2.0
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With the advent of Web 2.0, it seems that the “2.0” moniker has been used for all sorts of concepts, including Government 2.0, Bank 2.0, Vegemite’s iSnack 2.0(!), as well as Library 2.0 and Librarian 2.0. This has caused some confusion about the skills and attributes required by library professionals in the 2.0 world.


With so many new technologies and resources being developed every day, librarians need to be adaptable, continuously learning and evaluating new technologies to find the ones that work for our clients. We can not be risk averse; rather, we need to trust in our evaluative skills and our knowledge of our clients to find the best path forward.


In order to find the best solutions for our clients, we need to experiment, play with new resources and tools and communicate with our clients about what they need and what works for them. We need to be confident about providing their information needs, even if that means using resources that are not traditionally found in libraries (i.e. links to Google Books, Amazon or so on). In the Web 2.0 world, our clients will find their information one way or another, so we have the opportunity to market ourselves as being able to provide information anytime, anywhere and on any technology our clients use.


We need to collaborate and communicate with our clients on a much broader scale, using a wide variety of mediums, including in person, telephone, library website, social networking sites, blogs/wikis, VOIP, mashups, and anything else that they use. In order to do that, we need to keep our technology skills up to date and continuously learning. Training skills will be even more important as we help clients become familiar with some of these tools.


Trusting our users is vital. We need their input on what works for them and their collaboration will help to make our collections and knowledge a lot more relevant to the community as a whole. In fact, many of the skills required by a Librarian 2.0 are skills that information professionals have been obtaining for many years. The biggest change however, may be the closer relationships we have with our clients and the level of influence they have into our libraries.


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