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Before starting my studies in Social Networking, I had heard of Delicious and knew only that it was a way to save your bookmarks, but had no idea of the social media capabilities of the site. After investigating it further, I am very excited by the possibilities that it holds both personally and professionally.

My initial thoughts that Delicious was a way to save and organise bookmarks is certainly true. The tagging ability allows me to quickly categorise the item, and being able to search by tag makes finding them a breeze. When searching, you can also search what other people are tagging using the same tags, which has helped me find many more articles that I would not have located otherwise. This will certainly help me find relevant information in the overwhelming tide of web pages online!

The ability to add people to my “network” allows me to keep abreast of what other people are tagging, which is particularly useful for my professional life. Using this feature, I can add any library clients that use Delicious. Doing this means I can get a much greater understanding of what their information needs are, which will in turn inform my collection development processes for the library. In addition to this, it will assist me in locating resources that may be useful to a wider range of clients in the organisation.

Sharing bookmarks is the feature that I was most excited by when I saw it. Bookmarks can be shared via Twitter, email or Delicious, and I immediately thought it would be a quick way to undertake current awareness services for library clients. I am disappointed, however, that there does not appear to be a way to share multiple bookmarks at once, each one has to be shared individually, which is fine when I want to send on something as I come across it, but perhaps not if I wanted to send all items with a particular tag to a new client. I may need to investigate this feature further.

Delicious holds many possibilities for both myself and the library service I provide. As with most new technologies, I need to have a closer look at its potential and how it could be easily implemented at VAGO. The next trick is to find the time!